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Ductile Iron Pipes & Fittings

Ductile Iron
Which has relatively good wall thickness, and therefore can withstand high internal pressure of up to 50 bar. Ductile iron is also superbly strong against external load and with good bending strength. In ductile iron, the carbon is propagation and resulting in higher strength. This is done by adding magnesium into molten iron. Therefore, the continuity of the iron matrix is maintained, providing excellent ductility, flexibility and impact resistance.
Push In Joint / Socket Spigot Joint ( Pipe )
The push in joint, also known as socket spigot joint, provides leak-tightness even at the pipe busting pressures and allows deflection in any direction up to 5 degrees. The push-in method also allows easy and speedy jointing even in restricted space, or during adverse weather conditions as it does not required special tools or equipment
other than a rubber gasket. For normal soil condition, no special ceding required and can be backfilled by excavated soil. This reduce the pipe laying cost and time while increasing efficiency
Flanged Joint / Mechanical Joint
Offer an exellent mechanical system. All flanges are screwed-on or weld-on with precision workmanship that offers leak-tightness. A flanged joint allows pipe section to be installed or dismantled in line

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